Dramatic kitten rescue

FOLCROFT, Pa. - November 30, 2009


They heard the cry from the sewer on Taylor Drive, and neighbors couldn't ignore it.

"The cat is hungry, cold, wet and needs to get out of there," said Kenny Carpenter.

Animal control came and set a trap on Sunday. Neighbors also tried setting their own hoping the cat would catch on.

"We had a board with food hoping the cat could climb up and get out," said Charles Hogan.

But a day later the cat kept calling and neighbors explained they couldn't wait any longer. Several took turns climbing down to see if they could retrieve the stranded kitty.

"I could see it, I could see it. It was scared of us I think because it was a stray," said Sandra Tarlecki.

Peering down drains around the street they pinpointed the cat stuck halfway between two openings around fifty yards away from each other. That's when animal control came back and suited up. Officer Lisa Stewart flattened her body to fit into the pipe and shimmied in. She got deeper and deeper calling to the kitten along the way.

But as the rain kept coming down and the water levels rose Stewart realized she couldn't stay down much longer.

"The water's getting deeper."

A neighbor positioned himself on the other end waiting to corral the kitten in his arms.

"She's about ten feet away."

Finally with Stewart coaxing the cat through the tunnel, the neighbor snagged the little black beauty, spooked at first and soaking wet. But the kitty quickly settled down in a soft, dry towel, its rescuer chuckling with relief.

The kitty was taken to the vet to make sure it was safe and sound. And one neighbor's already talking about adopting it saying she has the perfect name, Lucky.

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