Double trouble for some Toys R Us customers

December 2, 2009

The retailer admits it double-charged some of its customers!

Toys R Us blames a systems issue that occurred in some of its stores early on Black Friday.

It says it can't tell us how many stores or how many customers were affected, but the error affected primarily locations on the east coast.

Toys R Us says it has identified the affected customers and reversed the double charges on their credit or debit cards. The toy giant also says if a customer's bank does not waive any overdraft fees a customer may have incurred as a result of double debits, Toys R Us will reimburse them for those penalties.

This is yet another example of why in many cases, it's better and safer to use credit cards instead of debit cards while shopping.

If customers have any questions, they can call 1-800-ToysRUs.

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