Parenting Perspective: A less snorty sleep

December 3, 2009

While fine during the day, he becomes a snort-opotamus at night. His congested snorting wakes us and, we think him, making our quest for him to sleep through the night even more elusive.

The pediatrician says this is somewhat normal in babies, since mucus pools in their nasal passages at night. We tried all the standard remedies, elevating the head end of the crib mattress, buying a humidifier and getting an aspirator. But we continued to hear the snorting. And the aspirator was frustrating, since they are all opaque and there was no way to tell how successful we had been, if at all, in clearing his nasal passages.

But over the Thanksgiving holiday my sister, now the mother of two, introduced us to the NoseFrida. Created by pediatricians in Sweden, its simple description is a clear tube that you suck into to Hoover out your kid's nose. Gross, but rewarding, since you can tell exactly how much snot has been excised from the baby's little nose. And it's created with a stop gap, so that you never actually suck in the mucus yourself and can't over suction the baby.

Time with the Frida is not our wee one's most favorite thing. But we feel better and more prepared for the winter cold season knowing we have a better way to help him breathe easy.

The NoseFrida isn't easily found in American stores. But online sites offer it, as well as more information on how it works. Here's to sweeter, less snorty sleep for our boy and maybe yours...

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