Local Pearl Harbor remembrance

WILLOW GROVE, Pa. - December 7, 2009 While survivor ranks for this Philadelphia based Pearl Harbor Survivors Association has dwindled since last year from more than 20 in attendance to just 8 their commitment to remember the sacrifice involved in that day has not.

88-year-old George Frazier, was a 20-year-old soldier at Pearl Harbor when enemy bombs destroyed 5 of 8 American ships and killed 2400 people.

"It's quite a thing when it happens you never forget , just them few seconds they stick right in your mind and all the detail. It stays with you, you forget a lot of other things, birthdays and that but you don't forget that."

"It was 5 minutes to 8 when the first planes came over."

John Joniec was left with a ringing in his left ear by the bombs dropped during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Thoughts of that day in Hawaii woke the 90-year-old retired soldier out of his sleep at this morning.

"President Roosevelt said Dec. 8 in his speech 'the day that will live in infamy'. And I uphold that and intend to do it till the day I die."

He and others salute the troops on the front lines today and pray for a peaceful reprieve in Iraq and afghanistan..

"That we never ever forget the contributions and service of men and women in uniform," said Representative Thomas Murt.

Those honored Monday encourage people to remember those who not only served and lost their lives at Pearl Harbor, but to remember the lessons from that day about being prepared.

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