Tiger's corporate backing

December 8, 2009 The scandal has unfolded rapidly each day a new salacious allegation of adultery. But, so far, major sponsors are backing the world's greatest golfer.

"I would love to do this."

Publicist, Katie Leighton, who represents former Phillie Curt Schilling, wonders for how long.

"If it was one woman, the public has a tendency in the past to have forgiven other people who have been in situations similar to this," she explained. "But in a situation where you're seeing multiple women. Whether it's true or not, when you're seeing there is multiple women the public is less forgiving."

The stakes are high Tiger makes nearly a $100-million a year in endorsements. The ripple effect is already being felt. Gatorade announced last week that it would end its partnership with Woods but the company insists the move was decided months ago.

On Toys R Us.com prices for Tiger Woods figures have been slashed.

And according to business website bloomberg.com, there've been no prime time advertisements involving Tiger since the scandal broke.

"The very same thing that has catapulted Tiger to the top of his profession in endorsements and money is now what has turned on him. If anyone can understand this, it's Tiger Woods," said Christine Brennan, sports consultant.

Still, the long term fallout is unclear. And consumers will ultimately be the judge. Adele Kaehler won't be among those buying Tiger Woods endorsed products this holiday season.

"Cause he's not a hero anymore, he screwed up, in plain English."

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