Kitten rides 120 miles in wheel well

TUALATIN, Ore. (AP) - December 13, 2009


Marc Lichty left Olympia, Wash., after finishing a day of work Wednesday. He heard meowing when he stopped at a rest stop along the way home but couldn't see a cat.

When he reached his home in Tualatin, Ore., he heard the meowing again and grabbed a flashlight. Sure enough, he says, "the cat was up underneath in the spare tire spot."

Daughter Jenna helped coax the passenger out with a bit of salmon.

Lichty says he can't imagine making that trip at 70 mph in this week's subfreezing temperatures.

The family called Olympia businesses in the area where he was working Wednesday but didn't find the kitten's owner. The animal had no collar or microchip; the Lichtys say they'll keep the kitten.

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