Teen shot while walking to go sledding

PENN ROSE, Del. - December 21, 2009 "We got our Christmas miracle."

Janet Vankavelaar speaks of the survival of her nephew, David. The 16-year old was shot and severely wounded Sunday afternoon as he walked near his aunt's house with a 17-year-old friend to go sledding.

Police say the motive was robbery. It happened on Pine and East 41st just outside the Wilmington city limits.

David Vankavelaar and his buddy said they were walking down the street when a green, 4 door sedan pulled up, a man they say jumped out of the seat brandished a gun and demanded money. When they said they had no money the gunman shot Vankavelaar in the forearm and stomach.

Police believe there were 4 people in the green sedan that had tinted windows, 2 white or Hispanic females up front, and 2 black males in the back one of whom was the gunman.

After collapsing at his aunt's house David went into shock as they waited for an ambulance.

David is listed in stable condition after emergency surgery.

Police would appreciate a tip call on the suspect's identity; police want to get this bunch off the street as soon as possible before they can hurt someone else.

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