MSNBC host Ratigan apologizes for `rude' interview

NEW YORK - December 22, 2009

Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz was explaining Friday on Ratigan's show "Morning Meeting" why she supported health care reform. Ratigan, who said he has "incredible frustration" with the way the bill treated insurance companies, asked her to explain why stocks for insurers were going up.

Schultz said she wasn't a stockbroker, and the answer apparently left Ratigan unsatisfied. He said he would "give her a brief education."

"You could be your own guest," she told him as she tried to get a word in edgewise.

Ratigan eventually waved her off, saying he didn't want her to "come on and do talking points."

On Monday, Ratigan quoted an e-mail from a viewer who said he was "very rude." He agreed with the sentiment and apologized to the congresswoman and viewers.

"Our mission and my mission on this show is to shine the light on what is really happening, whether it's health care, the banks, or a war in the Mideast," he said. "And the way I went about that on Friday was a disservice to our viewers because it got in the way of doing just that."

A message seeking comment was left Monday with Schultz's spokesman.

Ratigan is the former host of CNBC "Fast Money.". He learned last week that his daily two-hour show, "Morning Meeting," was being cut in half and moved to the afternoon.

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