Delaware officer saves choking baby

CLAYMONT, Del. - December 27, 2009

The incident happened on Saturday at around 9:48 p.m. in the area of Harvey Road and Garfield Avenue in Claymont.

New Castle County police say it began when Officer Wesley Neeman pulled a car over for a traffic violation. While speaking with the driver, Officer Neeman was approached by a frantic young woman who reported her child was inside her nearby car and was not breathing.

Neeman called for an ambulance and ran over to the woman's car. He found an infant was not breathing as her eyes were rolling back into her head.

Neeman, trained in first aid, placed the child face down in his hand and forearm as he patted on the baby's back. After a few moments, the child vomited and began spitting up a large amount of fluid.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, officials say Officer Neeman held the child in such a position that allowed the child to clear the obstruction in her throat as she began to breath.

The baby was transported to the A. I. Hospital for Children where she is being treated for a virus.

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