Building your own mini-gym at home

December 28, 2009 So to save yourself some money if you have space, some fitness experts recommend you build your own mini gym at home.

Fitness expert Karin Richards says first take into consideration your budget, then two more things:

"Your space do you have enough space to work out? Do you have enough space and how much equipment can you really fit in there? And also think about your own personal preference. Is this something about your own personal preference? Is this something you're really going to use?"

Go to a store and check out the equipment, you may be surprised at your options.

"Dumbbells, stretch bands, jump ropes, aerobic steps, stability balls, and medicine balls, obviously, you want to make sure you have a good quality, but that doesn't mean it has to cost a whole lot, too."

You can find a jump rope for about $3.00, stretch bands for $12, figure in a pair of dumbbells at $20, aerobic steps for $50. And exercise balls can go anywhere from $10 to a $100.

Prices vary, so read reviews, choose wisely and look for sales. But remember for some of the best exercises you won't need to buy anything special at all!

"Walking lunges, wall sits, your basic pushups, and calisthenics."

And once you get into the groove, you can always buy more stuff to keep your routine from becoming to routine.

Still the biggest draw-back to a home gym is motivation. Some people like to go to a gym with other people to get them going. If that's the case for you look into some low-cost gyms or ask a friend if they'd want to come over to your home gym to work out together.

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