It wasn't a wolf knocking at the door

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February 18, 2010 5:07:33 AM PST
A wolf at the door wasn't Sally Joyner's problem.

She had much bigger troubles -- a bull.

Joyner heard a loud crash in her Peoria, Ill. home.

She looked downstairs to see a full-grown bull in her house.

She phoned her husband, who had a hard time believing her.

After a short while, the bull busted back outside.

In case you think Joyner's story is a lot of bull -- she has $1,500 dollars worth of damage to prove it.

And the Journal Star reports there are fresh bull prints in the snow outside Joyner's home.

The Sheriff's Department says the animal was found a short time later.

Two other escaped bulls were also seen in the area.