Mrs. Fixit: Prep your woodwork for paint

From home repair or to handy how-to hints, Mrs. Fixit has the answers you need.

May 16, 2010 6:40:33 AM PDT
If you have kids your painted woodwork takes a beating. Taking the time to prep your woodwork will ensure you get a great finish when you repaint.

From vacuums to kids' toys to every day bumps, woodwork gets chipped. You should sand any chips so that they're even with the existing woodwork. Deep gouges will require some wood putty.

Kids will be kids and marker and crayon drawings are inevitable. Use a dab of bleach based cleanser to clean marks off of painted woodwork. If you have no cleanser, try toothpaste and warm water.

Stickers can be tough to remove, but you want to make sure you remove them completely. Try aiming your hairdryer at the sticker and use a razor blade to carefully scrape the sticker off of the woodwork. Once you have the sticker removed, follow up with some white vinegar on a scrub sponge to remove any adhesive residue.

Finally, once you've finished with all of your prep steps wash the woodwork down with a one to four mixture of white vinegar and water.

Those are just a few easy ways to prep your woodwork for paint! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!