Website offers savings on pet needs

June 17, 2010 1:01:03 PM PDT
Since the start of the economic downturn, animal shelters and rescues have seen an increase in abandoned pets.

That's one of the reasons Kristy Csider started her website,

"I noticed that there were a lot of savings sites, but there weren't specifically saving websites for pets," Csider told me during a satellite interview from Los Angeles.

"There's family websites and websites specifically for babies, but there were not for pets. So I wanted to start it to help pet owners save money as well."

Each week, Csider posts coupons for pet foods and pet-care products. Then she shows how you can use the coupons together with store specials and rebates to maximize savings.

The site also features give-aways, and forums where pet owners can share ideas and advice.

"They can always email me and they can always leave a comment," Csider says. "I find that when they comment, they can just have an open discussion amongst each other, be it on the topic of the post or whatever topic that they want to talk about."

Csider adds that pet medications can be costly. She suggests asking your Vet for samples or ordering from online pet pharmacies like 1-800-PET-MEDS and PetCareRX.

"They'll usually have the one you need on there for a lot less," Csider says.

And if you're planning a vacation without your pet, Kristy says many kennels and pet daycares are willing to negotiate, or add free days.

"There's always discounts you can print from their website and you can even go in and ask them and I'm sure they would give you a discount," she says. "It's all about asking and searching for the coupons."

You can check out by clicking here.