Local artists sell works for less than $200

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June 11, 2010 10:06:38 AM PDT
if you think you have to be rich and sophisticated to appreciate and purchase art, the Art for the Cash Poor Sale this weekend is out to prove you wrong.

The sale will take place at The Crane Arts Building in the 1400 block of North American Street on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

"We have paintings. We have a lot of photography. We have a lot of prints. We do have clothing," says Rachel Zimmerman, Executive Director of InLiquid Art and Design,the non-proift that organizes the sale. "We have jewelry. We do have ceramics. It's a wide mix."

And the best part -- everything is priced under $200.

Ordinarily, Zivile Pupinite would sell one of her coral necklaces for $300. But, she has it priced at $199 for the sale.

"You can offer your artwork for an affordable price for those two days and this is a great way to build a broader clientele for the artist," Pupinite says.

Photographer Matthew Hollerbush asks up to $600 for his prints, but in an effort to grow his clientele, he'll be offering steep discounts as well.

He admits that when the economy slows, artists are among the first to feel the pinch.

"I would say they definitely are being hurt -- not only my fine art, but my commerical work too, it seems like things are really slow," he says. "So hopefully things will go well at this sale."

And the bottom line, organizers say, is that you buy original art without blowing your budget.

"A lot of artwork is much more affordable than people think it is," Zimmerman says.

For more information about the Art for the Cash Poor sale, click here.