Mrs. Fixit: Cabinet Refab

June 20, 2010 5:38:20 AM PDT
Older kitchen cabinets can be loose, uneven and lets face it, ugly. But to replace them can be expensive. I can help you refab your old ones for less than the cost a fancy dinner out!

Layers and layers of paint have made these cabinets unable to close without scraping up against eash other and unable to latch, plus the hinges are loose and sagging.

Take the doors off of the cabinets and remove the hinges and any other hardware so the doors and the cabinets are bare.

Use a palm sander to rough up the surface of the paint and even out the areas around where the hinges hardware and handles were. If your hinges were loose, fill the holes with wood filler and sand again so you can reposition them slightly when you reinstall.

Prime the cabinets and doors and let them dry.

The key to a professional finish is to use a self leveling paint or a paint additive to give you a longer dry time so the paint evens itself out as it's drying and leaves a smooth, beautiful finish.

Now for the new hardware. Check the closeout bins at your local home improvement store, I got these knobs and hings for a fraction of their original price and they're a classic shape and finish so they'll work beautifully.

Just make sure your hinges sit the same way as your old ones so the doors function correctly.

So lets tally this up, some sandpaper, primer, paint, knobs and hinges all for less than a hundred dollars - a great kitchen update! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!