Activist Charlie Mack attacked at gas station

June 18, 2010 3:34:55 PM PDT
Charlie Mack was just finishing getting gas last night when an armed man appeared and demanded cash.

Not only did Mack end up overpowering the man, but the community activist said it made him more determined to spread a message of peace.

"He jumps out at me and puts a gun to my side," Mack described the encounter to Action News.

Charlie dedicates much of his time speaking out against violence in the community, like his signature event "Party 4 Peace," and now he was attacked himself outside a Sunoco in West Philadelphia.

"I'm the wrong person to do that to, if anything, I'm trying to help you out, and you're going to take from me, when I'm trying to give," Mack said.

Charlie says he grabbed the 200 pound man's forearm to get the 9mm gun he was pointing at him. A fight ensued.

The man scratched Charlie's face and sunk his teeth into Charlie's finger.

Charlie wrestled the gun off him. The man got away empty-handed.

There is a security camera at the gas station

In exclusive surveillance video obtained by Action News, police can be seen arriving shortly after the incident, but authorities are still looking to see if the camera captured an image of the would-be robber and are interviewing eyewitnesses.

As for Charlie, he believes the man should just surrender.

"You're about the dumbest criminal in the world; I took the gun from you, so your fingerprints are all over it. My suggestion to you is to turn yourself in. Period," Mack said.

Mack did get a tetanus shot after being bitten.

He is offering a $5,000+ reward.