Self-Esteem: Children and cussing

August 2, 2010

My children probably learned a few four-letter words from a variety of sources: television, internet, adults, other children, etc. It is a lost cause to try and help them through life without learning those foul forms of expression.

So what do you do about it? Here is some advice (all in clean language, of course) from the moms and dads who populate our Action News Facebook page:

Maria Tsardoulias: "My little one is picking up words so frequently so I tell people before a conversation to watch what they say - 'little ears.' And even if someone slips I tell her automatically to not repeat potty words."

Sabrina Fidalgo Daluisio: "You must lead by example! If you don't curse, the kids around you have a higher chance of following that example. And (have) lots of communication about why it is so important (self respect, respect for others, keep a job, etc.). Just my opinion... dag nabbit!"

Mary Ann Tobin: "Prevent them from using fowl language perhaps by monitoring what they watch on TV. I remember, as a kid, saying the word "hell." My mother happened to hear me say it. She washed my mouth out with soap. I guess today, that would be considered child abuse!"

Sue Friedman: "Don't react to it if they're doing it 'cause they think it's funny. My look usually works. They'd know if…what they just did is inappropriate. Even with my son at 14 years old, 6'4 and 300lbs.He still knows and responds to my lil 5'8, 160!"

Rhiannon Marie Mangini: "My son is three, and I've taught him that those are "stupid words," and if you're smart, you should be smart enough to choose smarter words. He loves when someone slips up, just so he can lecture them."

Leslie Linder: "I brushed my son's teeth with soap when he came home with his first bad word. That took care of that. Sounds harsh, but it has to nipped in the bud."

Kurt M Lang: "Kids say what they hear. Doesn't matter how good of a parent you are. Just explain to them that the words are not to be used and hope for the best. The more you bring it up the more interest they have. When kids are with other kids all bets are off. Just do the best you can, and hope you raised your kids as good as you could."

Cindy Doyle: "I remember when I was a kid doing my homework and asking what dam was (the water holding thing) when I was in second grade. My mom thought I was cursing. I got my mouth washed out with soap. It was a lesson I'll never forget. I'm 42 and to this day I don't curse. My answer is (lead) by example."

Jamillah Hargrove Parker: "By example. Even if they hear it from others, if mom and dad are leading by example, it makes a difference."

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Good luck, and keep it clean parents!

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