UPDATE: Philadelphia parking kiosks problems

August 16, 2010

Number one, many couldn't accept credit cards.

In fact, we checked 9 kiosks on Walnut Street from Broad to 18th and only ONE would take a card.

The second big problem Action News discovered was the signage. 25-cents equals 8 minutes was misleading because the machines never actually calculated by quarters or 8-minute increments.

"We're going to change the signage to state that it's $2 for one hour of parking," Corrine O'Conner of the Philadelphia Parking Authority said back in July.

And when Action News went back to check the machines, we found indeed all the signs have been changed so they're more clear for consumers!

And the credit card problem has been fixed, too! This time, at every kiosk we used a card, we got our money's worth and a printed ticket.

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