Parenting: Building self-esteem through work on display

August 17, 2010

While it may sometimes seem like a hassle to always put your child's artwork on display, or when to know when to take it down, experts say it's one of the best ways for parents to show their kids that they value the work they do and value them.

It doesn't have to be the refrigerator to show off a child's creations. It can be anywhere in the house, just as long as it's posted in a prominent place where others will be able to see it. I know from experience how proud it makes the child feel, and thus heighten their sense of self-worth.

As one child psychologist told me recently: "Parents who display their kids work are sending an invaluable message that their work is special, important, and appreciated."

The tricky part though is how and when to remove the items, to perhaps make room for new creations.

According to the Center for Effective Parenting, moms and dads should be careful not to let their children see them throwing the work away. It may send the wrong message. Instead, discard the work discreetly or perhaps save it in a scrapbook.

And one more thing: try to not display work that your child isn't necessarily happy with. It may cause unnecessary embarrassment.

Believe me, you'll now with projects your kid is most proud of and which one's they're not.

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