Save on haircuts, help City of Hope during HopeCuts 2010

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September 17, 2010 10:33:52 AM PDT
If you're about due for a haircut, you can save money and help out a charity by getting one this Sunday, September 19, 2010, during HopeCuts.

Harry Giordano, Senior Director of the City of Hope Cancer Center explains, "The concept is, salons are closed on Sundays. They open up for four hours from noon to 4:00 p.m., they offer all of their services at a discounted rate and 100% of the proceeds go to City of Hope."

This is the 16th year that City of Hope has teamed up with salons -- more than 150 in our area alone.

Giordano says last year's event raised about $300,000. HopeCuts is the largest haircut-a-thon in the country.

Participating salons and sytlists volunteer their time and services.

At Luna Salon in Center City, haircuts that are usually $70 will be available for a $40 donation... And haircuts that are usually $50, will be just $30.

It's the 11th year that the salon's participated in HopeCuts.

"Everybody loves to come in. We have fun. Some of the girls, they make baked goods," explains Luna Salon owner Glenn Sirma. "We have fun. It's a day off, but it's a good reason to come to work." City of Hope uses the money fund research into cancer and diabetes.

Giordano explains, "We're responsible for pioneering bone marrow transplants. We're responsible for the drugs Receptin, Rituxan, and synthetic human insulin, which half the world's diabetics use. "

For more information about HopeCuts, click here.

For a list of participating salons, click here. Call ahead for an appointment.