Mrs. Fixit: Door Kick Plate

September 12, 2010

First measure your door to ensure that you're getting the right size plate.

The kickplate will have a protective film over it. Don't remove the film until you're finished with the install.

Place the plate centered at the bottom of the door and mark the screw holes. Then remove the plate.

Check the instructions that come with your kickplate to ensure the right size pilot holes.

You want your pilot holes three quarters of an inch deep, to make this easy to judge, make a flag with some painters tape on the drill bit so you know how deep to go each time. Drill the pilot holes to the correct depth.

My plate came with foam spacers to place on the backside between the plate and the door so it doesn't scrape against the door.

Brass screws are notorioulsy soft, to prevent breakage while installing them, lubricate each one with a little spray oil before tightening them into place.

Remove the protective film and then polish! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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