How to carry your iPad while looking good

We set out to find you the newest and most fashionable ways to tastefully tote all that technology whether you're stepping into the classroom or the boardroom.

We enlisted in the help of personal stylist Jimmy DeLaurentis.

His golden rule: find a balance between fashion and function.

"If you're going to invest in something to house that product, it's got to be something that goes with your everyday wardrobe," DeLaurentis said.

Our first stop was The Big Green Earth Store on South Street.

"The idea is everything in this store is eco-friendly, recycled, repurposed, reusable and they happen to have these great iPad cases," DeLaurentis said.

Perfect fit sleeves called NeoGreene are made entirely from recycled materials and come in four cool colors: black, orange, blue, and pink.

"It's easy enough to go with what you're wearing, if you're in jeans for the day, going to grab coffee, just throw it in one of these and throw it in your bag," DeLaurentis said.

Now, if you need something slightly bigger for your laptop, check out an over the shoulder padded messenger bag. The one we looked at it is made entirely out of recycled bottles and if you look in the bottom corner of the bag, it tells you exactly how many bottles were used to make it. And talk about durability!

Another type of bag, a little bigger and a little more expensive, is made from old billboards which means they've already been exposed to weather elements. The straps? They are made from recycled seatbelts for the shoulder strap. These bags will cost you between $32 and $170.

For your Kindle, meanwhile, there are $54 holders made from repurposed recycled sofa fabric.

"It actually feels like a retro sofa. Maybe they'll come out with a shag version," DeLaurentis said.

At the next store, a relatively new boutique called 13 on 13 has iPad covers made from old clothing.

The cases range from cargo style to black leather and run about $40.

There's even one that disguises itself as a trendy leopard print purse. These run about $40 a piece.

For those of you willing to make a little more of an investment, DeLaurentis recommends leather embossed iPhone and iPad cases he found at Boyd's which run between $70 and $120.

Here's another tip, if you really want to save big bucks, try eBay. We found a ton of fashionable iPad cases with bids starting as low as $3 or $4 and you also may want to check out the covers they carry at the discount store 5 below.

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