Teacher delivers on promise, dances in tutu

January 4, 2011 2:46:07 PM PST
Sometimes, being true to your word takes real courage.

Just ask Egg Harbor City science teacher Scott Magann. Doubting it would ever happen, he promised the superintendent that if the town ever built a new school he'd attend the dedication in a tutu.

That was 10 years ago.

On Tuesday, the district held a ribbon-cutting for the brand-new, $18 million Community School.

And that means Magann had to change into his new outfit.

"You've got to be a man of your word, especially since everybody in town knew I'd made the promise," he said.

250 students went wild as Magann pirouetted his way through the gym in white tights and a flouncy, multi-colored tutu - no easy feat for a guy who's 6'1" and more than 280 pounds.

"That was hilarious. It was so awkward in so many ways," said student Jack Hall.

"He's a man of his word, you can count on him, I guess," said student Robert Byrd.

Scott Magann has been teaching in Egg Harbor for 35 years and is known as a guy who loves to make people laugh.

But surely this was never in his lesson plan!

"Never expected this day to ever come," he said. "That's why i made the bet to start with."

"He truly does love the children in the community," said Superintendent John Gilly.

Even more impressive: Magann made his own tutu. It took 29 yards of fabric to do it.

"I'm so proud of him. This has been in the making for 9 months, maybe. It's worse than having a baby!" said Magann's wife, Ann.

As the kids settle in to their new state-of-the-art school, they'll be enjoying all the hi-tech facilities and, no doubt, treasuring the memory of teacher Scott Magann's amazing lesson about keeping promises.

Even if it means dancing through the gym in a tutu.