Mrs. Fixit:Painting A Ceiling

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February 19, 2011 5:29:09 AM PST
Some water damage has left me with a patch job on my ceiling. I don't really want to paint the entire ceiling, so I have a few tips to blend the paint into the surrounding area.

Painting a ceiling can get paint all over so make sure that you cover the floor and any furniture around the area you're working in.

The first step is to prime the area with a thin coat of stain blocking primer. This will help the repair blend more easily.

Next, use a roller to fill the center of the repair with paint.

Feather the paint lightly on the outside of the repair. To even everything out, roll the paint onto some scrap paper so that there is very little left on the roller.

Then roll the area again to make certain that the coat is thin and even. let it dry completely.

Repeat the process the same way for a second coat.

Painting multiple thin coats will ensure that repair blends evenly into the surrounding area and doesn't stand out. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.