Save money and time grocery shopping

April 18, 2011 4:31:23 AM PDT
We've found a new website that acts as your free meal planner and shopping organizer.

Food on the Table is an online service designed to help families eat better and save time and money at the grocery store.

If you're tired of combing through recipes and making multiple trips to the supermarket, Food on the Table may be the simple solution for you.

According to Amanda Yates who works for Food on the Table, "What we do is we take your family's food preferences and the sales at your local grocery store to create a meal plan and an organized grocery list."

Just type in your zip code on the website and Food on the Table will bring up the grocery stores closest to you along with their current sales items. Then it'll suggest meals you can make based on the kinds of foods your family likes to eat.

After you pick the meals, Food on the Table creates a customized shopping list that you can even pull up on the go - right on your iPhone!

The service lets you plan three meals a week for free. Then, if you want to plan more, there's a charge of $9.95 a month.