Saving with 6abc: Tuesdays with Mama

March 7, 2011 11:28:32 AM PST
An entree at Pizzicato restaurant in Moorestown, N.J., costs around $15. But for a little bit more, you can get not only a meal, but also a lesson on how to make a restaurant-quality entree in your very own kitchen.

It's not that Restaurant Pizzicato owner GianPaolo Duva doesn't want customers, but he knows that homemade family meals can be priceless.

"There's certainly a good thing with getting together with your family and eating together," Duva says. "And I'm trying to have Mom's recipes be passed along."

So, Duva put his Mom, Christina, to work. On Tuesdays, customers can pay $25 to get a cooking lesson from Mama and a meal to take home.

"Today's lesson, we're doing pasta bolognese, a dish from my mom's hometown: a boscaiola which is a few different ingredients, she's from the mountains; and we're doing an exotic mushroom dish that I brought with me from Tuscany," he explains.

"The knowledge is something that's invaluable. You're going to keep that forever," Duva says. "It's also going to teach you the techniques to carry into other recipes and things like that."

Students learn how to make several different kinds of pasta from scratch... And then they move into the kitchen to work on sauces.

And then, it's time to eat.

And to save you even more money, if you dine at Restaurant Pizzicato during the next two weeks and mention "Tuesdays with Mama," you can get a free dessert. This offer expires on March 13, 2011.

Restaurant Pizzicato is located at 400 West Route 38, across from Boscov's in the parking lot of the Moorestown Mall. For more information, click here.