Inspiration on film: Villanova student managers

February 25, 2011 3:18:41 PM PST
The Villanova basketball program draws inspiration from unlikely sources: Sophomore Frank Kineavy, student manager for the men, and freshman Nick Gaynor, student manager for the women.

Both are wheelchair-bound with cerebral palsy.

The social justice filmmaking class on campus has put together a documentary about the duo and their inspiring tale that goes way beyond the basketball court.

"Me and Frank are really blazing the trail for other people with disablities," Nick said.

Both made the dean's list and both have used their roles in the athletic department to escape isolation.

"Hopefully the more people that see all of this will feel comfortable to take the time to build a relationship with me," said Frank.

Frank can't walk, write or talk. He's only able to verbalize his thoughts with the help of a special machine, but he has pushed all the right buttons with the impression he's made on Jay Wright's Cats.

"He can't play, but this means the world to him. He makes us step back and so, we're lucky if it means so much to him," said Wright.

Nick Gaynor's philosophy is simple - He may never be able to shoot a basketball, but his constant upbeat attitude is a slam dunk.

"You don't have to have talent to make an impact," said Nick.

The documentary is scheduled to be show at four different film festivals starting this weekend in Chicago.

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