Riding along with a Gas Buddy to find cheap gas

March 8, 2011 3:11:50 PM PST
Shell is advertising that every Thursday, you can get five-cents off per gallon!

But to make sure that price is indeed the absolute BEST price near you, check Gasbuddy.com.

Volunteer spotters input fuel prices on the site every day and we had the pleasure of riding along with one of them this afternoon.

Dan Haney lives right off the Roosevelt Boulevard and always has his eyes peeled for the cheapest gas prices.

"I'll start looking at prices on the way up and see which one's the lowest and then on the way back, I'll fill up at that station," Haney said.

He says the difference in price from station to station is remarkable.

At one point on our journey, we found a BP station with gas at $3.57 a gallon and across the street was a Wawa with gas for $3.49 a gallon.

The differences make Dan mad. He says when he sees people paying the more expensive price, he wants to roll down his window and say, "Go down another block, you're going to save two cents or six cents."

But instead, Dan shares the low prices he finds on Gasbuddy.com.

To further save money, Dan also tries to time lights so he can coast instead of braking.

He also uses a controversial method some people call drafting, where you position yourself directly behind a large vehicle like an 18-wheeler to catch its draft.

"So the first person's actually cutting the air and you're not doing it so it's less drag on your car and I've actually seen a decent savings," he said.

And Dan says you can employ this method without tailgating.

This gas-saver also says it's important to accelerate slowly, in other words, no jackrabbit starts.

"For those who don't know what that is, as soon as the light turns green, hitting the pedal, that wastes a lot of gas," Haney said. Also, don't idle, which means avoid drive-thrus.

And some die-hard gas-savers also say to use a synthetic oil in the thinnest grade approved by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Also, I asked you on Facebook, what YOU do to save on gas? Many of you responded and Wayne Almond summed up the most common response "Drive less by combining trips and errands."