Site can help you save on cell phone bills

April 4, 2011 11:54:31 AM PDT
If you're like me, you find your cell phone bill confusing. And a recent survey shows that because cell phone bills are so complicated, many of us are spending more than we need to.

"Eight out of 10 consumers are on the wrong cell phone plan. They're overpaying to the tune of $300-plus per year," says Samir Kothari, co-founder of

BillShrink is a website that helps consumers compare costs for various services, including cell phones.

"One of the most common blunders that we find people do -- is because the markets are so complicated -- they take the path of least resistance, which is simply, they over-buy," Kothari says. "They buy unlimited everything, unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, unlimited data, etc. And the reality is that very few consumers really need those unlimited plans. "

Kothari says getting an unlimited plan for voice, data and text may be simple -- but it's often not cheap.

"There's a lot of opportunity to save money, if you instead pick the plan that is the right fit for you, that gives you enough buffer so that you don't run into the overage charges, but still allows you to save $20-$30 a month versus those unlimited plans."

To use BillShrink, you simply input data from your cell phone bill, and it will do the calculations for you -- checking the four major carriers' pre- and post-paid plans.

Kothari says, "In total, there's something like 10 million different permutations of cell-phone plans that an individual could consider purchasing in the U.S."

BillShrink also does comparisons for consumers on pay television costs, banking services and gas prices.

To see how your bills compare, CLICK HERE.