Website rents designer gowns, dresses

May 17, 2011 6:26:06 AM PDT
Most women love gorgeous gowns gowns, At lleast the women of the Action News room do, as we found when the founders of visited from Florida for an interview and brough some of the inventory with them.

But dresses like the navy blue one that Haley Reinhart wore on American Idol can be pricey, especially if you're only going to wear them once.

"If a guy can rent a tux, why can't us women rent beautiful dresses?" asks Sarah Porreca, one of the founders of

Now, thanks to Porreca and co-founder Jennifer Rosen, you can rent designer dresses instead of buying them.

Rosen expalins how the site works. "You go on our website, you browse through over 500 styles, you pick the dress you fall in love with and check it out. In one to two business days, it ships to you. You have the dress for five days from the day that it hits your doorstep. Shipping and handling and dry-cleaning is all included in your price ."

The site carries more than 500 styles, in sizes ranging from zero to 16. And there's something for just about every taste.

A light green, beaded strapless dress by Sue Wong, who designed costumes for the move Alice in Wonderland, which usually sells for about $575 rents for $70.

A purple gown with a twisted and beaded bodice from Terani couture that retails for $850, is a $100 rental.

And a beaded dress from Jovani that Pia Toscana wore on American Idol, which sells for about $890, rents for $120.

In addition to gowns and cocktail dresses, the site also rents daytime dresses and outerwear.

To check out Lending Luxury, click here.