Parenting Perspective: The Favored First

April 13, 2011 7:20:03 AM PDT
I love each of my three children with my entire heart.? There are no favorites, so why do I have millions of pictures of my first daughter, numerous of the second, and my little guy is stuck with zilch?!

You think that's bad?? I did the unthinkable this weekend.

My oldest daughter had engraved invitations to her First Holy Communion.? My second daughter is making her communion in just a few weeks.? I'm so late with the invitations, I had the nerve to send an invite text!!? Not even an e-vite, just a mass mailing text!? I can't imagine what everyone thinks of me, and I frankly don't have the time to care.

On FamilyKB, I noticed I'm not alone!? It's filled with parents admitting the second child's baby books aren't quite finished. The second or third child has far less pictures.? There isn't quite as much fuss when the second or third child does something that you watched your first do in awe.


I guess reading the excerpts made me feel a tad less guilty.? But, since we all love our children equally, I hope we'll find some way to express that.? I try to have "private time" with each child.? I haven't done it in a while and decided with their upcoming birthdays it's an ideal time.? I hope I can remind them that even if I send out invite texts instead of engraved invitations, each milestone is precious, the first, second and third time.

By the way, thanks to all my Facebook friends (especially Joe Kelly) for helping me to decide what to write about this week!

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