Connection sought in NY, AC murders

April 13, 2011 3:42:36 PM PDT
The apparent serial killings in New York are raising all kinds of questions for lawmen still investigating the murders of four women in West Atlantic City five years ago.

There are some who believe the murder of four prostitutes found dumped in a ditch behind a string of low-budget motels on the Black Horse Pike in West Atlantic City in 2006 is connected to the discovery of 10 bodies along a remote beach on Long Island since December.

New York police, who were diving for more remains today, say four of their victims were also prostitutes. Because they advertised online, some people call the unknown murderer the Craigslist Killer.

New York authorities are looking into several "persons of interest" and believe the serial killer may have knowledge of or is connected in some way to law enforcement, but they have not identified a suspect and today said, at this point, they don't believe the NY and NJ murders are related.

After one of the Long Island victims went missing in 2009, her sister received a series of harassing phone calls from a man using the missing woman's cell phone.

Out of fear, she's not revealing her identity.

"If he's doing that many murders, he's not going to stop. He obviously enjoys it and he's sick in the head," the sister said.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's office says the investigation into the deaths of the four women found murdered is still open and active and that investigators are in regular contact with New York police.

Joan Ledrich lives in the motel closest to where the bodies were found. She won't walk her dog Sandy back along the ditch anymore and is not convinced the cases aren't connected.

"If it's still happening, it's strange, it has to be the same guy," Ledrich said.

But until the killer of all these victims is found, she still walks around West Atlantic City cautiously.