Emotional outburst in trial of fmr. Phila. inspector

April 15, 2011 3:28:47 PM PDT
It was an emotional day in court as attorneys rested their cases in the corruption trial of a former Philadelphia police inspector.

After court, Daniel Castro was hustled out of the courthouse and into a waiting car. It had been an emotionally draining second day on the witness stand.

He admitted he tried to get thugs to collect a debt. But, claims he was lured into the scheme by the FBI.

"I made the biggest mistake of my entire life," Castro said.

Things got testy when prosecutor Lou Lappen accused Castro of lying.

"You look at my mother. You tell her that I was a criminal from day one. You look at her and tell her that. How dare you," Castro said.

For a second day Castro fought back with tearful, emotional testimony. In this exchange he refers to a long time friend who turned government informant.

"You could have said no sir," said Lappen.

"I could have, but I didn't. I fell," Castro responded.

Lappen then continued, "When you look in that soul of yours, you know you were the one responsible."

Castro replied, "He convinced me. He was my friend, damn it. He was my friend."

Castro went on, referring to his claim that he was entrapped.

"You making me look like something I'm not. I became exactly what they wanted me to become, sir. You know it," said Catro through tears.

The judge finally stepped in and broke it up after Castro continued to break down, claiming the plot was all talk and no action.

"It was never strong arm. Never," Castro said as his voice cracked. "You're making me look like a crook. I'm not a crook. I was a good guy. You're making that crook look like a good guy. He robbed from me. How dare you, I resent it."

Closing arguments in the case will begin on Monday.