PECO double-debits 17,000 customers

April 18, 2011 3:29:44 PM PDT
If you made a payment to PECO recently, you better check your bank statement.

Thousands of customers have been debited twice.

This is a case of double-debiting and anyone who mailed or hand-delivered a check to PECO last week could be affected. meaning 17,000 PECO customers.

On April 14th, Thursday of last week, as PECO's billing vendor was processing the checks, it accidentally withdrew from customer accounts a second time. PECO says it was notified of the mistake the next day.

"By the time we were notified, the vendor had already started the process of crediting the customers' accounts, so right now, the majority of customers have already had their accounts corrected with the remaining customers being corrected today," PECO spokeswoman Cathy Engel said.

The best way to see if this happened to you is to call PECO or your bank.

You can also log onto your online bank account, and then look for two line items from PECO for the same amount.

"If you're a PECO customer and this did happen to your account, not only are we crediting the money back, but customers should contact us, because we will cover any overdraft fees that were caused by this incident," Engel said.

PECO already has the names and account numbers of everyone who was affected, all you have to do is give them a call at 1-800-494-4000. That's PECO's general customer service number.

In addition, PECO says it is working to ensure this doesn't happen again. Apparently, it was simple human error where someone at that outside billing vendor clicked the same button twice.