Attempted abduction of Pennsauken student

April 20, 2011 3:40:35 PM PDT
Moments after getting off a school bus near a playground on Madison Street yesterday, a 15-year-old Pennsauken girl fought for her life.

The teenager, who we're not identifying, says a man jumped out of a van and tried to pull her in.

The soft spoken high school student says the man tore her clothes, pulled her hair out, and scratched her neck and chest.

The teenager was bloody and she was bruised, but she was able to run to a friend's house for help.

She says the man who tried to take her jumped into his van and took off toward 46th Street.

Her mother says she barely got away.

"He was cursing at her. He had spiky hair; he was about 220 pounds, my daughter weighs 120 pounds, I don't know how she fought him off," the mother said.

Pennsauken police searched the area, but officers were unable to track down the attempted kidnapper.

Detectives will only say they're actively investigating the incident and they have not put out a vehicle or suspect description.

"What went through my mind? The worst, I don't know, I was scared, everything went through my mind, a lot of what if," the mother said.

The victim's mother says her husband and family members have been doing their own investigation, searching for the person responsible for attacking her daughter.

"Doesn't he have a mother? Doesn't he have a daughter? Doesn't he have a sister? Who would do this?" the victim's mother said.