Pig recovering after being hit by car

This little pig, "Charlotte" is on the mend after she was hit by a car in Medford, N.J.

April 22, 2011 3:06:44 PM PDT
A little pig is recovering from her injuries after being struck in a hit-and-run earlier this week.

The Action Cam was at the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Langhorne on Friday morning, where the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig is on the mend. One of its legs was in a cast, helping to heal a fracture to the upper bone in her left forelimb.

She will undergo surgery on Friday, in which veterinarians will likely have to put in screws and pins. Healing will take about four to six weeks.

"She should go on to have a normal life as a pet for someone," said Dr. Jennifer Macleod.

It was on Tuesday morning when the owner of Joe Joe's Place Animal Sanctuary, Taryn Drayton, saw something along Stokes Road in nearby Medford, N.J.

She stopped and found the little pig badly injured.

Authorities do not yet know who owns the pig, being called "Charlotte" by her caregivers, nor do they know who ran her down.

The animal's owner is asked to call Joe Joe's Place Animal Sanctuary at 609-388-5006.

Her vets say several people have come forward who would like to adopt the pig after her recovery.