Trenton chief of staff faces drug charges

Paul Sigmund IV has been suspended without pay following his arrest on drug charges.

May 3, 2011 3:30:42 PM PDT
There is more trouble for a member of the administration in the City of Trenton.

It was on East Hanover Street, a known drug area just a block from City Hall, that the Trenton mayor's chief of staff was arrested Monday morning.

46-year-old Paul Sigmund, who also holds the title Deputy Mayor, was picked up with 10 bags of heroin after police had to draw their weapons on him.

"Waving his arms around and he reached into his pocket, reached toward his waistband area, into his pocket area. We don't know if someone's going to pull a weapon at that point," Acting Trenton Police Chief Joe Juniak said.

Two officers were injured in the scuffle that ensued when Sigmund resisted arrest. Police say it took three officers to subdue him. The chief of staff is now facing a list of charges.

"One of our city officials, we look up to this man and this is what he does?" Trenton resident Nattia Abrams said.

On the job just over a month, Sigmund was ticketed by police in April after being caught doing 85 in a 50 mph zone on Route 1 without a valid driver's license. It had been suspended in California for unpaid tickets.

Sigmund comes from a well-known political family. His grandfather was the late U.S. House Majority Leader Hale Boggs. His mother was Barbara Sigmund, the popular mayor of Princeton who died of cancer. His aunt is ABC commentator Cokie Roberts.

"This is damaging. How can you let this man in office to run the city of Trenton, second in command, he's got a drug problem?" City Council President George Muschal said.

This is the latest embarrassment for Mayor Tony Mack. Since taking office in June, Mack's home went into foreclosure, his brother, nicknamed "Muscles," was arrested for accepting cash to do plumbing jobs on city time, and he's been through eight business administrators including one charged with stealing money from a congressman's campaign.

"Once he slows down and maybe gets better advice he'll be able to do a better job," resident Leroy Nevius said.

The mayor would not comment for this story.

Paul Sigmund has been suspended without pay and is in a drug treatment facility.