Teen with back brace pens book to help others

May 6, 2011 2:52:39 PM PDT
A local high school student has turned a medical challenge into a creative opportunity to help young children.

Danielle Moskow, 18, wore a back brace during her freshman and sophomore year at Lower Merion High School after learning she had scoliosis.

"I was so upset because all that was running through my mind was 'Oh, I'm so embarrassed, my friends aren't going to talk to me, everyone is going to laugh at me,'" Danielle said.

Fortunately, that didn't happen and Danielle learned to cope with the brace.

Now, she's helping other kids who have to wear a back brace. Through blurb.com, she's self-published a book Called "My Back Brace and Me"

"I know if I had something I could have read that would have helped me from someone else's experience," said Danielle.

The book gives 10 real life tips for wearing a brace and also helps kids look at the silly-side

"My brothers and I would knock on it and pretend someone was at the door," she said.

Her parents couldn't be prouder of her accomplishment.

"I think it's incredible what she did," said her father, Adam.

Danielle is just hoping her message helps.

"I'm still me, i'm still happy, I still have all my friends. "I can still dance and I can still be a kid and my back brace is special because it is just for me."

Danielle's book is now kept in the libraries of several local children's hospitals, including Shriner's Hospital for Children where she was treated.