Bags of human vomit left outside Delco store

Image from Google Streetview

June 22, 2011 10:29:25 AM PDT
Police are trying to figure out who left two bags of human vomit in the parking lot of a Delaware County shopping center.

The first bag was discovered on May 29th near a tree in the parking area of the Bed, Bath and Beyond store on Lancaster Avenue in the St. David's section of Radnor Township, Pa.

Another bag was found near the same location on June 5th.

In both cases, police say a biohazard medical waste container, holding the vomit, was inside a white trash bag.

Investigators say the second bag weighed some 30 pounds.

Police say there were identifying markers on the medical waste container, but they are not releasing those details at this time.

The contents were properly disposed.

Investigators say the illegal disposal of biohazards is a threat to public safety. Anyone with information is asked to call Radnor Detectives at 610-688-0503.