New details in grisly murder of Pa. woman

Pictured: Tricia Sadler

June 24, 2011 9:03:36 AM PDT
Police have released a copy of the search warrant they obtained following a six-hour standoff that led to the discovery of a woman's dismembered body inside a home one week ago.

According to the search warrant obtained by WFMZ-TV on Thursday, police collected 160 items of evidence from 1860 Cloverdale Road in Bethlehem, where they also found the dismembered body of Tricia Sadler.

Those items include bean bag rounds, Taser probes, and other weapons police said they used to subdue Willie Ward before his arrest on homicide charges.

Investigators collected so much evidence they requested a storage locker be delivered to the property.

Ward shared the home with Sadler, 29, who reportedly told a friend two weeks ago to call police if she didn't show up for work.

That friend made the call Friday morning after not seeing Sadler at work for two days.

Once officers arrested Ward, investigators said they found Sadler's dismembered body in trash bags in a bedroom.

As more evidence was collected, police found numerous saws in the tool shed outside.

In the back bedroom, they said they found two axes, a block hammer and a hacksaw. They also found utility knives and an electrical circular saw.

According to the search warrant, police also found a broken hacksaw handle, another saw and a saw blade.

Willie Ward was an out-of-work contractor. Many of the tools found are items used in his field of work, but so far, investigators have not indicated what may have been used in connection with Sadler's death and dismemberment.

Police also seized computer equipment from the home because investigators said many people who commit crimes such as homicide often conduct research on the Internet.


Information from: WFMZ-TV