Summer vacations on a budget

June 28, 2011 2:12:31 PM PDT
It's not too late to book your summer vacation. In fact, you may have done yourself a favor by procrastinating because there are some super deals available right now.

Whether you are dreaming of an exotic vacation or just a little get-away someplace close by, discount travel website Expedia says its prices are even lower than usual right now, thanks to the largest sale in its history!

"They're offering 30% off hotels and vacation packages at 11,000 properties," said Expedia Travel Insider Kendra Thornton. "And these hotels are throwing in dining and spa credits, which are really phenomenal. If you make a booking by July 4th, they're going to give you a free $50 gas card."

If you like to book hotels on the fly once you're already at your destination, all you need is your phone.

"Hotel negotiator is an app that will book a hotel room up until 11:00 p.m. on the night you need the room," said Priceline's Brian Ek.

You can actually bid on rooms right from your cell phone and save up to 60% off regular rates! You can do the same with rental cars!

And if you are going abroad, there's no need for an expensive translator.

"Google Translate is a free app, and you can either speak into the phone or you can type into the phone and it will translate English into a variety of foreign languages," said Priceline's Ek.

Ek recommends another app: "AroundMe is wonderful because what it does is it categorizes all of the things that you might need in the city: banks and ATMs, where the taxis stands are, where the hospitals are, where restaurants are," said Ek.

Also, are you wondering what day to buy your airline ticket? Tuesdays are usually the best day to book a flight, and Wednesdays are traditionally the cheapest day to fly.

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