Scorpion on a plane

July 1, 2011 4:31:18 AM PDT
A stow-away on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage caused some anxious moments for one of the other passengers.

It was a scorpion, and it apparently had crawled on board during a stop in Austin, Texas. But it waited until the next leg of the flight to sting passenger Jeff Ellis.

As Ellis monitored himself for signs of an allergic reaction, a doctor on board said he'd be fine -- probably.

Emergency responders in Anchorage were told to get ready to treat him when he arrived. But Ellis says they had a problem: Scorpions aren't common in Alaska, so the EMTs didn't know what to do.

He says, "They had to Google it."

It turned out the doctor was right -- he was fine, and all that's left of the incident is a mark on his arm.

Alaska Airlines, meanwhile, has offered him two round-trip tickets.