2 dead after car hits home, catches fire in Montco

July 5, 2011 3:40:23 PM PDT
Authorities are still trying to identify the two people killed in a single car crash in Montgomery County.

It happened around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday on the 3100 block of Byberry Road in Upper Moreland Township.

A vehicle slammed into a nearby home, resulting in a fire. The flames quickly raged through the home, reducing it to what is now little more than charred rubble.

The Cummins family was inside but everyone - including two parents, three young boys and a dog - were able to make it out safely.

"The pictures, memories, all of the past experiences that they've had , it's gone but at least they have each other. They can rebuild," said cousin Joseph Cummins.

He also has a message for the families of the two victims.

"My heart goes out the people who were in the accident and they're families. This is horrific," said Cummins.

Officials say that the vehicle's gas tank ruptured when it slammed into the family's parked car and home. That ignited the fire which consumed both vehicles and spread into the house, leaving the home incinerated.

By the time it was towed away, the vehicle was reduced to a pile of twisted, melted metal.

Authorities later found the bodies of the two victims inside the car. Those victims have not yet been identified.