Mrs. Fixit:Straws

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July 9, 2011 11:04:23 PM PDT
Plastic straws are inexpensive and great to have on hand at home, but not just for a frosty beverage. I have some great cool uses for them!

If your ketchup bottle isn't pouring that ketchup slip a straw into the bottle, it will break the suction and allow the ketchup to pour easily.

If you or your kids like a special kind of drink like chocolate milk or iced tea, make your own portable individual serving.

Fold over one end of the straw and paper clip it shut. Use a small funnel or a cone of paper to fill the straw with a serving worth of the drink mix. Paper clip the other end and slip it in your bag.

If you've cut a few of your fresh flowers a bit too short for your vase, slip the stems into straws to give you the added height you need.

Need to get some glue into a tight spot? Block one end of a straw and drip some glue into the other end of the straw.

Tuck one end of the straw into the tight spot and then squeeze the straw to apply the glue!

now you know just how handy those plastic drinking straws can be! i'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!