Consumer News: Homeowners, coupons, NASA

July 7, 2011 3:47:26 PM PDT
Consumer news for homeowners, coupon gurus, and NASA buffs.

Help for Unemployed Homeowners

The Obama administration is making it easier for the unemployed to stay in their homes. The move comes as it tries to revamp its signature but troubled foreclosure-prevention programs. Starting August 1st, the Federal Housing Administration will extend the forbearance period for unemployed homeowners in its programs from three or four months to a full year. That'll allow qualified homeowners to miss payments for 12 months before the foreclosure process begins.

LINKS & Numbers:
Save Your Home Philly hotline: 215-334-HOME
Don't Borrow Trouble hotline (for people who live in the suburbs) 1-888-275-8843

New Couponing Lingo

If you like using coupons, maybe you'll like the new couponing lingo.

Here we go:

Peelies are peel-off coupons found on products at the grocery store.

Blinkies are coupon machines in store aisles that have blinking lights to grab your atttention.

Catalinas are printable coupons that are handed with a receipt at check-out.

Stacking is when two coupons, one from the store and one from the manufacturer, are used to purchase a product.

Atlantis Tracking App

The final space shuttle launch is scheduled for this Friday and a new app for the iPhone and iPad will help you spot Atlantis in the night sky. Go-Atlantis tracks the orbits of both the space shuttle and the International Space Station and tells you when they're overhead.