Mrs. Fixit: Magnetize A Screwdriver

July 30, 2011

You can magnetize any screwdriver with a strong magnet.

Holding the magnet in one hand, you need to pull the screwdriver's metal shaft over the magnet several times in one direction. So start closest to the handle, set the shaft on the magnet and drag it across until you reach the tip.

Repeat this several times turning the screwdriver with each new pass so that you cover the entire surface.

Test your result by trying to pick up a screw with the screwdriver. Depending on how strong your magnet is you may have to repeat the process.

If you need to demagnetize - just reverse the process, again working in one direction except from the tip to the handle.

Pretty cool huh, a tip, don't use your magnetized screwdriver on or near your computer. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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