Phila. Navy SEAL killed in U.S. helicopter attack

MAYFAIR - August 7, 2011

The troops were on their way to assist in a firefight that developed on the ground. They were not far away when their helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade.

Most of those killed in the attack were Navy SEALs, which included 25-year-old Petty Officer Michael Strange from Mayfair.

Now his family is left mourning a terrible loss.

"There were three Navy SEALs here yesterday that brought the news of my son," said Charles Strange.

Petty Officer Strange was a graduate of North Catholic High School and quickly rose through the ranks of the Navy SEALs.

This was his third tour in Afghanistan and while his family is devastated, they are proud of his service to America.

"Michael loved protecting our country. We were very proud of him and he succeeded with the Navy SEALs. He became an E-6 in four years, that's how dedicated he was," said the victim's father.

Strange also leaves behind two younger siblings and his mother, a Philadelphia police officer.

"He knew what he was getting into. It's something that he trained for, something that he wanted," said Charles Strange Jr., the victim's brother.

Sources tell Action News that Petty Officer Strange just purchased a new home in Virginia, where he was stationed, and had just become engaged.

"Michael loved this country, he loved Philadelphia, he loved North Catholic, he loved Mayfair, he loved his friends, he loved all you guys," said Charles Strange Sr.

Petty Officer Strange was a member of SEAL Team Six, the unit that carried out the raid back in May that killed Osama Bin Laden.

According to the Pentagon, none of the service members involved in the Bin Laden raid were killed in this attack.

This most recent attack now ranks among the deadliest single days for American forces since the war began.

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