Getting their hair ready for school!

August 8, 2011

In this economy, many parents are opting to skip a haircut, or two for the kids. For girls who are trying to grow their long hair, it makes even less sense to run to the salon for a simple trim. So, we have great step by step instructions from a pro!!

I visited one of my favorite salons, Salon 14 North in Haddonfield, NJ. I love that the owner has a resume as long as your arm, but he's not afraid to offer some advice to help his clients save some money! Russ Razzi says that parents can give their kids a trim at home and save some money. He does not recommend changing their look or style on your own.

Russ suggests you begin by adding some conditioner to a water bottle and spraying the hair. This will keep the hair together and make it easier to cut a straight line. Start with the bang. Do not cut the hair directly against the skin. Instead, hold the hair between your fingers and snip at it vertically. This will create a stylish, more forgiving line.

Separate the hair and begin cutting the length. Use your fingers as a guide, but take the scissors horizontally and cut a straight line. Continue with every section. After the hair has been trimmed, you can "under cut" the very bottom layer for a professional look. Take a small layer underneath and cut it ¼ of an inch shorter than the rest of the length. This will allow the hair to lay beautifully.

While I was at the salon, Russ taught Vicky Olsen how to cut her daughters' hair. The West Berlin mom said she's had some bad experiences trying to cut hair in the past. But after following Russ' expert advice, she did a great job, saying it was much easier than she thought!

Check out the video for step by step instructions!

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