Police: driver charged in 2 accidents in same day

KENSINGTON - November 18, 2011 The family of the victim spoke out Sunday.

The family is mourning Sunday night, trying to understand how a man who was arrested for DUI could be released a few hours later, only to get behind the wheel of his mother's car.

According to police, he was high on drugs when he struck and killed their loved one in an attempted hit and run accident.

"I'm hurting, I'm hurting real bad," said Tanya Cuffee. "If I had a choice, I would give my life for his, because he didn't deserve it."

The widow of 49 year old Greg Loper is still trying to come to grips with the loss of her husband, a father of 11 children and 11 grandchildren.

Police say he was riding a bicycle Friday night in the 1900 block of East Lehigh when he was struck and killed by a car being driven by 22 year old Brett Truskin of Ivyland, Bucks County.

Police say Truskin was driving under the influence, and only hours earlier, he had been arrested for another DUI after a three car crash on I-95. A judge had just released him from jail on his own recognizance.

"He was high as a kite, and he took my baby. He left me with this," said Tanya. "He left me to raise 11 kids, by myself, because he wanted to get high." Tanya Cuffee says her husband was working three odds and end jobs trying to feed his family.

"If Greg had to shovel your front for a loaf of bread, he would shovel that whole pavement for a loaf of bread to feed his kids. He did what he had to do," said Tanya.

Tonight, Loper's 11 children were doing their best to try to keep it together in the wake of their loss.

"I can't help but to smile, because we had good times together," said daughter Sabrina Cuffee. "I miss him so much," said daughter Sapphire Loper. I'd do anything to bring him back."

Truskin is the son of a prominent businessman in Warminster.

He is facing a number of charges.

Funeral arrangements for Greg Loper are pending.

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