Mrs. Fixit: Sneaky Storage

November 6, 2011

In a smaller room, bed lifts can provide a great deal of underbed storage space. You can pick these up for about ten dollars a set.

Then, simply put them in place under the feet of the bed and you'll double the space so you can slide bins of off season clothes, shoes or other items easily out of the way.

Look under staircases and into deep walls. This closet used to be a crawl space, but with a little drywall some stock pipes and some ingenuity look at all of the space I found!

If you have deep walls because of a fireplace or other architectural feature, look at the other side of the walls.

I have built in shelves and cabinets surrounding the fireplace in one room and was able to use the back side of the fireplace wall to add these great built ins with a dummy bottom to this room!

In bathrooms and kitchens, the dummy front panel of a sink space is the perfect spot to add a little tip out tray.

I hope these ideas help you find some extra storage around your home too! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!!!

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